Server Starts "Gmt+2"

ON x25 ONLINE 11422
ON x25 ONLINE 11422

Welcome to our server!

Author: Amelia 23.11.2020

Greetings to you, fans of Lineage 2! Our Server is Online 4 months. Stable, no lag with Huge international online!

New Server Coming Online 19 of February , Beta server 12/2 21:00 Gmt+2. Rates x25 - LongTerm.

News for half a year:
  • - Purchased the best, at the moment, protection from bot programs, package hacks and Ddos.
  • - Many minor changes were made to the game process - quests, skills, drop ...
  • - L2king is stay online every project 5 months before new project will open

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